Apothiki—just off the kitchen in yiayia Flora’s house in Rhodes, Greece, there was a tiny room that housed every spice, and grain, and cooking necessity you could imagine. It also held the chocolate-dipped cookies she loved with coffee, the peanut butter she brought from Canada, the rye-crackers we steeped, mid-afternoon, in olive oil and salt. And then, on the highest shelf, the basket with bandages for knee-scrapes, aloe for July sunburns, headache relief for the days when ten grandchildren underfoot took it’s toll. She called it the apothiki; the space where she kept everything necessary for good health and spirits, a catchall for what she’d need to run a house, and make a home. 


Our apothiki is stocked with the same sentiment and commitment to the best products we’ve found to fill your cupboards, and complete your meals


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