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[ap-o-thí-ki] Greek

(noun.) Just off the kitchen in yiayia Flora’s house in Rhodes, Greece, there was a tiny room that housed every spice, and grain, and cooking necessity you could imagine. It also held the chocolate-dipped cookies she loved with coffee, the peanut butter she brought from Canada, the rye-crackers we steeped, mid-afternoon, in olive oil and salt. And then, on the highest shelf, the basket with bandages for knee-scrapes, aloe for July sunburns, headache relief for the days when ten grandchildren underfoot took it’s toll. She called it the apothiki; the space where she kept everything necessary for good health and spirits, a catchall for what she’d need to run a house, and make a home.

Over the years we recognized that the authentic Greek experience we were trying to replicate at Mezes, to share with our customers through food and spirit, was notably missing from market shelves in Canada. We set out with a goal to source products that spoke to the quality and innovation we know, firsthand, is definitive of modern Greece. We are so proud of the small businesses and suppliers that we work with, making it a joy to reveal the exciting, premium, unparalleled endeavours of Greek artisans, farmers and food and beverage producers.



Each of our products is bound to be a go-to favourite, a thoughtful gift or, most simply, a taste of Greece that transports.

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